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I should have added that I've only worked with FLAC a little bit . Mostly to see if my converters would create FLAC files. So the 'probably' is a limitation of my own experence with FLAC . CD Ripper: MetaDataGD3 Symphony - extended classical fields CD Ripper: naming sections max length increased from 1000 to 10000 chars CD Ripper: metadata review - red miss-matches shown in bold (for color blind) FLAC to MP3 MP3 to FLAC FLAC to MP3 The affordability - the cost of making use of this converter is not going to cost you much. This is the reason why a lot of people who need great and excellent conversion from flac to mp3 are always coming for our product. You get no hidden charges or cookies that may affect you when you start making use of the product here. How to convert .flac to mp3 hope helpful hints audio converter flac to mp3 Support for CDDB online database. information like titles, artists, album etc. is fetched for each ripped Audio CD automatically. It will output nice & neatly that way based on your already-tagged FLACs.